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RackNine Inc. is based in Canada and provides advanced Web Hosting and Software Solutions for the Global marketplace

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The RackNine Advantage

RackNine provides you with simple, fast and affordable ways for your business to develop team strategies and interact with your customer base. Our web-based applications are simple, intuitive, affordable, and require no complex software installations or steep learning curves on your end.

We also store and manage all your customer related data in our Data Centers, so that your information is secure, protected, and available anywhere you are. All you need is a standard web browser and an Internet connection to access all your data.


User-friendly Solutions

RackNine’s Internet solutions are no more complex than the programs you’re already familiar with. Our solutions are based on software applications that are easy to understand and use by anyone from CEOs all the way down to individual team members.

There’s no overhead, no expensive IT staff required to maintain the software, and no additional hardware to purchase. Adding new features, enhancements or upgrades is usually just a matter of a couple of clicks in your administration panel. Start with a basic solution and scale up as your business growth.


Why Choose RackNine

RackNine currently has over 14,000 satisfied users of our different products on a network that serves billions of pages of data every month. We provide real time dedicated support to ensure you are fully satisfied. We also offer a diverse integrated service that includes Web Hosting, VoIP digital phone service and CRM packages.

We aim at combining a high-availability online services with the support of professional staff fully committed to offer you a superior quality service with constant availability response.


100% Canadian

RackNine is 100% Canadian, and we're proud of our roots. We are based in Edmonton, Alberta, the northernmost North American city with a population over 1 million, that is fast becoming one of the most important technological hubs in all of Canada.

We count among our clients Canadian Universities and Colleges, Government entities, Political Parties, members of the Armed Forces, and we do make the best of every opportunity to demonstrate that we do love our country and the people who rightfully serve it.